Monday, 28 May 2012

Wanna play a counting Game?

It appears that everything in my life is boiling down to numbers, so here is a short sharp listing of whats going on in the world of Kerry 

1.74 Million - Thats how many people are in WA. I have three ex's, one I never see who I would be ok with seeing, one I am actually good mates with and rarely see and one that I dont want to see and who I cross paths with more than should be probable. Yo universe think about the odds and sort your shit out. Probability got confused when it came to me 

I would run into him here.... easily

32 - Sneakers that I have. Its come time to start packing but I am struggling with the prospect of not having a wide array of sneakers to choose from for my weekly outings. I hear your scoffing about first world problems but I cant wear the same ones, people will judge me you know

This is my life... Paint, Silvias and Kicks

4 - the amount of Shoulders I need to count before my arm is around your shoulders 

3 - Weeks that I have left before this giant adventure starts, I need to start packing, organise my new furniture, say goodbye to all my friends and family... you know lots of busy people things 

The calendar days are a tumblings

2 - The amount of cars I owned until yesterday, now that number is 0. Both my cars were very much loved parts of my family and I will admit that I got a bit teary when the Rolla rumbled its way out the gate with its new owner behind the wheel, I hate to think what I am going to be like when the Silvia gets picked up AGAIN. 

My two prior loves <3

1 - The Guy. I met a guy recently and what was meant to be a casual fun hook up due to my impending departure may have possibly turned into something more than that. It makes me excited when I hear from him and disappointed when I don't get to see him. I smile and I blush and do all that homo no good stuff. Someone said to me that I would find someone just before I left, and it would appear that could have happened. Dear Universe, your timing sucks!!!!!

How gay is this?

So there are the numbers that are in my head at the moment, we are still full steam ahead on the march towards Melbourne (with a quick little side trip to Bali with my Amazing sister) and life is going good. I wonder what numbers I can rack up before I leave 

Love and Abacuses 

Miss K 

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