Monday, 7 May 2012

Kicking the Bucket?

It is a well known fact that everyone, yes everyone is going to die at some stage so this has got me to wondering about some things that I would want to achieve before I die,  A bucket list if you will. It has also got me to wondering when its actually a bucket list or whether it is just a guide for better living? A bucket list fundamentally is thought to be a list of things you would do if you were told that you have x amount of time to live, but this concept is flawed to me, we never really know how long we have to live and we could get hit by a bus tomorrow so should we not live every day as if it was our last? Also by compiling a bucket list at this early juncture in life would it not give me a better chance at achieving everything that I have on it?

So here is my list, as it stands at present...

Read every book on the top 100 books of all time - I like to read, I have read about 30 - 40 off the list so far. You get smarter the more you read. True Story 

Visit the Hanging Monastery and the Terracotta Warriors - China is def next on my list of amazing places to visit. There is so much history and culture packed into the country that I just want to go and immerse myself in it. Plus the food would be pretty rad as well.   

on a Cliff face for 1400 years, knowing my luck it would fall down while I am there

Take three months off to volunteer- The world has given me so much, I am lucky to have what I do so I would like to give something back 

Climb Fuji and watch the Sunrise from the top Station - The highest I have been on Fuji was the 5th Station and the view was magnificent, I want to see more of it. I am a sucker for sunrises and I think Fuji likes me. Its very rare that she reveals herself and is covered in cloud most of the time and on the 3 chances I have had to see her, she has revealed herself. It needs to be done  

This is Fuji 5th Station, Next time its the summit

Journey to every continent - there are seven, I have visited two. I best get cracking with the other 5

Drift Ebisu – I have been to Ebisu twice, once to watch and once to actually drift. And the second time I kinda sucked... like pretty badly so I have a plan to go back and not suck so bad and actually get off the skid pans and start hitting up the big boy tracks with everyone else. 

Its not how you sit on your car, its how you drive your car

Complete a solo skydive - I live with a crazy adrenalin junky and he has put this idea in my head, it was always something that I wanted to do but doing it solo never really crossed my mind. Price wise its the cheapest way to do it realistically

Visit the Northern lights - There is something magical about fancy lights in the sky. I know its cold up there and that might be an issue but it will be totally worth it 

This... there are no words

Get tattooed in every new country I visit - I know this one could be a bit risky but it would still be cool. There is so much talent in the world and the idea of being a walking canvas appeals to me greatly 

This, everywhere

See Snow - I know this will seem like a strange one to most people but remember, I live in the desert, We don't have snow here. But soon I shall be living in a place that does snow, I am bound to take a trip one day 

Visit Gallipoli – As a country we would not be the way that we are today without the sacrifice that our diggers made for us. I am eternally proud and thankful for their sacrifice, I would like to visit to pay my respects 

Ride on a horse – this one will seem very silly to most of you but Horses are my biggest fear (equally on par with spiders and I cant really ride one of them could I? Life isn't Harry Potter). Its that irrational, all consuming heart pounding fear that washes over me when ever a horse is with in 10 meters (or if we are being truthful 50 meters) that I need to get over. It will be done with a sense of achievement

But easily the top of my list is to be Happy, eternally radiantly happy. I may not always have the best but I will choose to make the best of everything I have. If it turns out that I don't achieve any of the things on my list, if I can live my life to the best of my ability then I can at least  die knowing this fact. I guess life is really as simple as that

As you can see most of the things in my bucket happen outside my doorstep, there is so much in the world to explore and I wont be content to sit in my arm chair and read about it on a computer screen. I want to breath it and smell it and taste it. Life is for living and I dont want my bucket to get a hole in it without atleast giving it a crack. I consider myself to be very lucky, I am young, fit and healthy and the world is really my Oyster. I live in an age where if I want to do something then its within my realm to do so and in this age of technology my mind can be opened by the endless possibilities. This is exciting!!! So please excuse me while I head off to start ticking off the items on my Guide to Better Living and I suggest you do the same

Love and Pip Pip Tally Hos

Miss K 

P.S I went to visit my Nan the other day and she is an amazing women, very cynical and witty even in this late juncture in life. During my visit she remarked to me that she didn't think it was fair that she wasn't dead yet, I asked her not to speak like that because it was upsetting but I don't think that she sees it that way. She told me that I was only young once so that I should do everything that I could while I could, so thats what I am going to do. Thanks Nan 

This is my Nan and my Favourite Uncle Ash, I will fill my bucket for her (and him if he puts his teeth back in his mouth )

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