Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Happy is his hoody on a... ummm Everyday?

The winter season is making its slow march towards us and that means its time to break out the warm clothes. This is also the time that a girl realises that she has insufficient hooded apparel for her winter needs and she starts looking around for substitutes. Bring on the great hood search, this search is made much easier for the girl that is in a relationship but for us single gals this search is a little bit harder

So whats the allure of a boys hoody over one of your own? Here it is, in the plain and simple

The Girthy Hood - for any of you girls who have tried to find an adequate hood I'm sure you will understand me here. Girls hoodys generally have insufficient head, maybe I do have a large melon but honestly a hood that sits awkwardly in the middle of your head and doesn't cover your ears isn't doing anyone a favour. I feel a hood should come over your forehead with ample room for head turning. Its  to hard to sleep in a hood that doesn't cover your eyes if you need it to. In the search for my current hoody I tried on about 20 to find the right head fit and in the end I went with a boys one because it provided me with what I needed

Man Size - awesome

It smells - generally (and by generally I mean all the time) I only like boys that have that delicious boy smell about them, its kinda like cologne mixed with virile man pheromones and when you put this smell on an item of clothing it can give a girl that kind of knee buckle that she wants to be all over. Its comforting and makes a gal feel safe and secure. Hoodys are about all the senses, smell, warmth, softness. You know how it is

Size Matters - I'm sure we all know this but when a girl says size doesn't matter she is lying (unless she is talking about anal, then in that case size really does matter). This statement also includes hoodys. The boys hoodys are generally larger and looser and less restrictive. I wear tight clothing everyday to work, I don't want to feel restricted when I get home as well. 

Its so Cuggily - Thanks for making your hoody so cuggily. I don't know what it is but generally the boys hoodys are far Superior in softness to girls ones and having soft delicate girl skin we appreciate this. 

This kid knows it

Mostly though and it kills me to say this because its super mega homo, but the number one reason that we love to steal your hoodys so much is because it reminds us of you. Clearly if we want to steal your hoody you are special to us and we like to think about you when you aren't around. By keeping something of yours close to us we can have that little smile of flicker memories to carry on our day. 

So boys get used to it, its your destiny in life to have your hoody taken. Just suck it up, give us a kiss on the forehead (chics are suckers for that shit) and marvel at how cute we are. Its all part of the circle of life 

Love and Warm Ears

Miss K 

My Ears are warm in this... and I didnt even need to steal it, smells like Girl though

P.S As I am between boys at the moment and have been for some years, I am now taking applications for a Hoody Donor (like a sperm donor but far less messy). Must be tall, good looking and delicious smelling. In return you will get, well probably nothing but maybe I will share my candy with you 

Bliss N Eso love their hoodys so much they wrote a song about it 

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