Saturday, 24 March 2012

Let me give you some advice...

Whilst sitting at work the other day we were all chatting about a young boy that was coming in for an interview and my boss mentioned something that struck a cord with me, he had told the kid to imagine everyone was in their underwear and were as nervous as him and also to remember that they were all there to see him and he was the star. I sat digesting this information for a while and I realised that he was correct, if you are going to an interview you have already gotten past the major hurdle, they want to see you so there must be something special about you which they want to explore, so when you get there you just need to shine. I guess I have always been  lucky because I am confident when it comes to interviews and only once have I been nervous when going in and it turns out that it was the only job I haven't gotten, coincidence?

Over the course of our life time people will give us pearls of wisdom that will change the course of our being, here are a couple of mine (and a few that I have borrowed from other people) these may not affect you at all but by writing them down they give me some perspective and act as a constant reminder of a direction that I should be going in. So here are my pearls for you 

If you are going to regret it don't do it and if you do it don't regret it - this one has been in my life for about 15 years now. I used to have a health teacher that would write a new quote up on the board each week and this was one that he put up and it has always stuck with me. Most of the time you will know how you feel about something before you do it and once its done there is nothing you can do to change that so where will regret get you?

Don't be a fool wrap your tool - Here is a news flash for you kids, babies are the least of your worries because a quick trip down the stairs can fix that, but when your junk gets gangrenous and diseased that shit is a real issue. I will admit that I may sometimes forget to enforce this rule but I have trust in the people I visit between the sheets and I  get tested on the regular.... sexual health is no laughing matter so don't come crying to me when your mummy daddy buttons falls off 

Can anyone get me this guys number?

Don't put your tongue on it - I don't actually know where this one started but it is kinda our house motto, it goes hand in hand with "if in doubt, throw it out" (The Hippy House mate will eat anything, so I have to throw things out when they are off otherwise he will proclaim they are ok and eat something that is a week old)

So I don't put this where?

Time spent in Reconnaissance is seldom wasted - my dad told me this one when I was a youngen.  Pretty much it means plan your moves, map your journey, know where you are going and all that bullshit. Don't be the outcome of the three PS (his other favourite pearl) Piss Poor Planning. If you fail to plan you plan to fail  (well technically that isn't really correct because if you plan to fail that's a plan right?)

Adversity Builds Character -  Every single thing that has happened in your life, good or bad, has made you into the exact person that you are today. Why complain about something that has shaped your character and then in turn affected all your future dealings? That is unless you aren't happy with the person that you are, and in that chase whinge away, but you might wanna look into doing something about that. 

Everything is ok in the end, if its not ok, its not the end - I don't really think this one needs to be elaborated on... there is ALWAYS a rainbow after the rain. 

See Bobs all over this shit 

Everyday may not be a good one, but there is something good in everyday. The difference is normally in your attitude - clearly by now you all know that I am a cheer leader for positive thinking, so break it down, if shits got real find the small light and focus on it. It will make everything a whole heap easier to deal with 

Don't Stay in something you know has no future -  its better to be alone than to stay in something that is a dead end and is making you unhappy. All you are doing is holding yourself and the other person back from a chance for some real happiness

Why be affected by people you don't know - this is really another confidence one as well (I seem to have a reoccurring theme) why should we care about what people we don't know have to say about us? We probably will never see them again, they really don't matter to the outcome of our life and really they are a nothing. Why Sweat the little things?

Fireman Sam (or was it Constable Care?) knows what its all about

While I was doing the research for this blog (sometimes I do research and ask for opinions.... strange hey. But this is all part of my time spent in reconnaissance) I asked the Army Brat what the best piece of advise he had ever been given was and this was his response to me "At the end of my medic course, a Sergent said "do good things". 12 months of education, training, placements and practical came to a point with those three words". Do Good Things, really, life is as simple as that. If you ignore every other point, take this one in, the world will be a better place 

Loves and Pearling 

Miss K 

Just kept step by stepping to be a better you!!!

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