Monday, 5 March 2012

Forever Alone... And LOVING it

Another festival is done and dusted and todays festivities pointed out to me two things 1. I was totally right with this post here and 2. I am totally fine going to things alone. Not that this really comes as a surprise to me because I have always had an inkling that I am a bit of a loner and Forever Alone is the catch phrase of my life. I always wonder why people have such an issue with being alone or about doing things on their own, in my opinion, Forever Alone is a fun place to be. I think this whole phenomena started as a young child, while I had friends I never really was good at sticking around and instead preferred to flit around from group to group. I think I was also possibly that smelly child so people maybe didn't want to hang out with me and this forced me to enjoy my own company, but thats just a thought. Here are some awesome things to do alone 

Movies - you don't need to share your popcorn, you wont have anyone talking to you and interrupting you and it doesn't matter if your eyes choose to leak at inappropriate junctures 

No annoying lolly wrapper noises

Dinner - Ever find that you don't have enough time in the day to sit down and do the things you want like reading some of that book that you have been meaning to get to or writing that blog post that has been festering in your head? Going out to eat is a great time to do this. You can relax and keep entertained and it can be done at your pace 

Taking the time to write 

Travel - travelling with other people is difficult, I am the first to admit that I may be a bit high maintenance and have a short fuse so for me being around other people can be a bit of a problem. I loved travelling alone for the simple fact that I never had to report to anyone but myself. Hardest thing about travelling alone is the cheesy Holiday snaps are a bit harder to capture but a timer function and quick legs can sort this out no worries 

10 second timer, no worries Mate (I did actually fall down the stairs whilst trying to get this photo then proceeded to roll around on the steps laughing like a maniac. Good Times) 

Coffee Dates - this is one of my favourite alone activities for the same reason as dinner, but also coffee dates allow you to people watch and that is an awesome past time 

Festivals - I guess this one needs to go in because more and more frequently these days I end up going to festivals alone, you can see what bands you like, eat when you want, go on missions to find as many people as you like and just generally have an all round rocking time 

Galleries - Going to visit a Gallery or a museum on your own is great to take it in and form your own view on something without outside influence. In 2010 I visited Hiroshima by myself and I am so thankful that I went alone, it was a very reflective places and I wouldn't have been able to spend the hours there I did if I went with someone else. 

This is inside the Reflection Room at Hiroshima, I sat here for a long time taking it all in, each tile on the wall reflects a person who died in the bombings 
(The picture is made of thousands or small tiles)

Really anything you can do with someone else you can do by yourself (yeah I just thought and thats correct) I think the biggest hurdle is getting over the mind frame that you are by yourself, once you break this, the world becomes a whole heap easier to deal with. Be confident in who you are and comfortable with your own company because if you cant love yourself then how can anyone else love you? 

The best thing in my opinion though about being Forever Alone is the people that you meet, it pushes you outside of your comfort zone and if you want to interact then you are forced to talk to people. Someone that is alone is easier to approach and I generally go on more adventures when I am by myself for the simple fact that its all about me. Forever Alone may be selfish but it sure as hell gives me good stories to tell 

Love and Happy Alone 

Miss K 

P.S I bet you all thought that I was going to say Masturbation, well you were wrong hey. Mind out of the gutter yo 

P.P.S But the above is actually pretty awesome

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