Friday, 9 March 2012

Catnip for Juvies?

It came to my attention that most people my age are doing the whole settling down life style thing and as with so many things in life I feel that I may have slightly missed that boat (not that I am at all complaining) and I instead act like your normal kid in their early 20's, I'm totally fine with this but this has produced its own phenomena, it would appear that I have become the object of affection to many an early 20s lad, if you will I've turned into catnip for Juvvies (not to big note myself or toot my own horn)

You got me some cat nip child?

I have pondered a few times what makes me attractive to the Juvvies and other than the obvious (my amazing good looks of course) there must be some other reason, so here is what I have come up with 

My Maturity - maybe they want to hear the views of the more mature lady, maybe they cant get everything they need out of 1080 talk back radio 

The Feel Sorry for Me - maybe they see I don't have a life of my own aged men coming after me so they want to do their bit to ease the burden on my batteries 

Something to tell their Mates - you have to admit that hooking up with a 29 year old when you are 20 is a high five achievement, its a story to tell your friends and immortalise yourself in history

They are unaware of my true age - I always get a shocked look when people find out how old I actually am, so I guess it would appear that I have aged well. I normally get told I look like I am in my mid 20s, and 25 is much better than 29.

Its like this yeah?

My guess is that it is probably a combination of all of the above and sadly (or maybe not) I have proof to back up this theory. If ever you are around and Calvin Harris comes on the radio and someone yells out "Pedo" and then start laughing hysterically here is the back story for you. At the beginning of 2011 (I was 27 then) a group of lovely ladies went to see Calvin Harris at Metros Freo, the night was going well and everyone was having a grand time. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very tall, very good looking blonde gentleman who just so happened to be smiling at me, being the friendly type that I am I naturally smiled back. This exchange went on for a few minutes before the tall blonde creature reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me into his circle of friends to dance with him.

This all seemed very harmless so we danced and drunk and had a merry old time, as the night wore on the blonde creature leant in and kissed me, I took this to be a positive night. More drinking and more dancing and a bit of chatting (this is where things always fall down isnt it?) and out of curiosity I asked the young lad how old he was and you can imagine my shock when "I'm 18, how old are you?" came out of his mouth. I laughed and asked him again to stop kidding and tell me how old he was and the answer was again, you guessed it "18". On telling him my age, he turned to his mate, told him how old I was, they high fived and I slunk off back to my friends feeling a bit sheepish for making out with someone nearly 10 years younger than me. At the end of the evening whilst walking back to the car I got asked why I hadn't gone home with the boy, I knew this wasn't going to end well for me so I  kept walking as I casually said "because he was only 18", what erupted behind me was a lot of laughter and I turned around to see all my friends doubled over in hysterics. I guess lesson learnt, ask for I.D before you let someone stick their tongue down your throat.

Hmmmm I think this has happened before

Hanging out with Juvvies isnt all bad though I must admit, I probably have more in common with them than I do with people my own age. Here are a couple of reasons why sometimes I hear myself saying yes to youngens advances 

Its all about the Energy - not only in some areas but in all areas generally, maybe its because they havent gotten as bitter at the world as people my age 

They generally arent about commitment -  and this makes it safe, after the Army Brat I will admit that I am some what scared of commitment and relationships and thats why the youngens are great, they are really only after a good time

Catch and Release - I like to think that I am doing my bit for society, some young lads havent had the experiences that others have so they may not be as experienced when it comes to ladies. If I can give them something they can take with them to improve the experience for the next girl then I am kinda like a patron saint arent I?

They may be able to teach me - kids these days, well, lets just leave it at that.The best most mind blowing adult experience I have ever had came to me in the form of a guy who was a few years my junior. By golly did he show me a thing or two, and if I hadnt have been willing to drop my age limit I would never have been privy to all that he had to offer (actually I just facestalked and he turns 25 this year, thats not that Juvvie at all)

Interest and Looks - They are good looking and most importantly they are interested (for what ever reason) in me, its a bolster for my confidence, as selfish as that may be, it works for me 

Under the 23kg Flight Limit -  like with airport checks in, I have a baggage limit, it makes sense that the younger they are the less baggage they have collected along the way   

I dont want them unpacking one me

What have I learnt from all of this, really its that age is just a number, it really doesnt change the person or maybe I have just broken the mould of what people my age should do. I live my life with respect, I have fun, I be safe and if they chase me its kinda wrong to turn them down because when we are 50, it wont even matter. 

Love and Laybys 

Miss K 

P.S Another thing to think about is women generally live longer than men, if I get a young one it kinda evens things out 

P.P.S Kids these days can really talk the talk but sometimes dont have the game to back them up, but I give them props for being ballsy enough to approach me 

P.P.P.S I am intimidating at the best of times and I know this. Telling a Juvvie that if he failed to impress me he would end up in my blog was probably a pretty nasty thing to do. So to you Mr Juvvie, I'm sorry, I put a lot of pressure on you and yeah you did make my blog, but only as an apology

P.P.P.P.S I got this from my mum and I am pretty sure its heredity because the like of the Juvvies is an affliction that affects my sister as well.

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