Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Whats in a Hobby?

For those of you that didnt know, I used to work in recruitment and I always got a bit of a giggle at what people wrote down in the "Interests" section of their resumes. I guess I think that because we are over 17 now we should have enough things of substance on our resumes to not have to put your interests on, so why would you include them? Congratulations on having a life I guess. Here are some of the goodens that we (I enlisted the help of my co-workers here) have come across

Chicken Keeping - I can possibly see the benefits of this one, fresh eggs straight from the chickens always trump over store bought ones, you wouldnt need an alarm clock and your grass would get aerated (chickens do that righy?). I also had another lady say that she liked to keep chickens so I guess chickens are more popular than I originally thought

Extreme Frisbee - not just normal Frisbee oh no, EXTREME Frisbee. I honestly have no idea what this actually is. In my head I am seeing a Frisbee that has razor blades around the edge of it, or frisbeeing between two tall buildings.

Disco Dancing - Saturday Night Fever eat you heart out, this guy is all over it. Probably light up stage and bell bottoms included.

Baking Banana Bread - again with the specifics on a general activity. I like to bake scones (well I did that one time and it was pretty good) but I am sure that if I was to bake banana bread I would probably like that as well.

Extreme Gaming - LARPing? Dungeon and Dragoning? Warhammering? Crash Bandicooting? what constitutes Extreme Gaming? I am guessing it is someone that spends days at a time in their barely lit bedroom whilst wearing an adult diaper and eating mushrooms that they dig out of their dirty hair.

Going to Night Clubs - While this is a pretty common hobby and I will admit that it is one that I enjoy as well but probably only to go out and pick up young boys, I dont however know of its merits in including it in a hobby list on a resume. What you are really telling your potential employee is that you are most likely a booze hound who has one million duck face selfies clogging up your Facebook.

Bedroom DJ - Watch our Armin Van Buuren, this guy is coming for you. At the moment he may just be standing in his jocks in his suburban bedroom but he is on his way to greater things.

Wax Work Photography - Honestly how many wax works statues are out there to photograph? This is the kind of person that probably likes snuff movies and has a room full of "special" dolls for night time visits.

Phill Collins Fan - this was their one and only hobby. Really this one is so big and all consuming that there isnt time for much else. Realistically who doesnt like that drum playing Gorilla?

Affirmations and Famous Quotes - Only the strong survive. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE HEY MACARENA!!!! I guess what ever you need to get you over the line. This was a hobby of a lady who came in to see me for a part time administration role and then asked if it would lead her into being the CEO of a company with in 5 years, because that was her goal.... ummmm. 

But by far, the winner is 

Promoting sustainable practices amongst the work sites - I think this one is written just to get brownie points with their prospective employees. What I really think it means is brewing your own beer on site to bolster up the beer drinking.

This whole exercise got me thinking about my hobbies and what I would write if I was to include them on my resume (if I infact had a life outside of  bedroomland). Maybe I could write something along the lines of Backyard abortions, white supremecy, furious masturbating and casual unprotected sex because heck, those are all my interests, all of the time.

Love and Leisure Time

Miss K

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