Wednesday, 20 January 2016

More to Cum!

The other day a friend suggested that I should start a Vlog, like a blog but the main difference being instead of you guys having to read my words, you could look at my beautiful face while I spew them in your direction. I thought about it and decided that it would be a novel idea and that I should probably give it a go. So the other night I did, and let me tell you, recording myself is much harder than this writing stuff that I pretend to do, and add to that the fact that I had to put a face on, do my hair, change out of my white top I was wearing because I was disappearing in to the wall behind me and I actually had to think on my feet. It turned out not as badly as one would expect from ones first foray in to cinema (I know its surprising but I have never made back yard porn). So here it is, my first Vlog, its called "Semen Sharing"

But wait, there is more, I have realised on watching this back that there was so much on this topic that wasn't actually covered and I feel like it needs to be. To give you back ground on the story, a friend of mine (who alarmingly I have just realised does not have an alias and probably should) was saying the other night while we were out dining that he was under the impression that Australian girls did not like copping a load on them during the closing moments of Coitus and because he was programmed to think this, on encountering a European Princess instead of offending her, he got up and ran to the bathroom to finish himself off. While I laughed at his story, it left me with some (more) questions

Should I be taking it on my face? - I was of the illusion that anywhere below the neck is fine but on further investigations I am starting to think that maybe I am the one that is lacking here. 90% of women I have spoken to about this topic have said that in past, they have let their gentle fellows cum on their face and it was acceptable (As long as it wasn't in their eyes or in their hair). I find the whole idea incredibly disrespectful so have never let anyone near it... maybe I have been going about it wrong this whole time? maybe I am missing out on an amazing face mask and a great source of protein that is cheaper that pre-work out. I don't know that I will change my mind but I might at least think about it... maybe.

Does it Kill the mood? - the general consensus is yes it would, one minute you are having a grand ol' time and the next, old mate is up and trotting to the John. No doubt you are confused and possibly questioning if he ate a bad burrito for dinner. The same goes for you ladies, if he has deposited, don't get up and run straight to the bathroom to do the sit and cough (don't even pretend to not know what I am talking about). You are missing out on one of the nice bits (supposedly) of intimacy, The post coital glow and cuddling. So lets just get it straight, you need to lay there in your filth until a mutual agreeable time that you go to clean up, either by yourself or with you partner. There is nothing like that shared shower experience after all. I hope you realise that we are in a drought , its import to try and find ways to conserve water. 

But what about what I want? - maybe I am odd but I can see the appeal in being the receptacle for your significant others offerings. There is something sexy and dirty and hot about copping a load in your chosen area but in the past I have been with guys that have been unwilling to do that for me. From my experience (as limited in recent years as it is) if you say to a guy "cum where you like" 9 times out of 10 they are going to want to come inside you. Which is fine too but despite asking repeatedly to multiple partners I have been unable to get them to agree to play target practice with my chest and this issue perplexes me..... is it me? Is there something wrong with me? Its me isn't it?

I am going to sit here and start asking myself the hard questions, so then when the time comes for me to get freaky I will have the answers. And in case you were wondering, yes he did go back to cuddle.

Love and Second Cummings

Miss K

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