Friday, 26 February 2016

For the love of Hashtags

As the years march on, I think everyone gets that little bit more conscious of their health. We start to realise that we aren't as young as we used to be and we cant fill our bodies with booze and junk food like we did when we were in our 20s. Since the invention of social media the whole getting fit thing has become big business. There are people that have their whole career and lively hood which started as an Instagram page (ie. Kayla Istines... who, by the way, is amazing, but when you do her workouts you feel like you might die. Legit). There are a whole heap of hashtags that are specifically centered around being fit and active and maybe its just me but I am getting a bit worn down by them. 

Que a few weeks ago and an interaction with a friend of mine that is on a body transformation journey, he is doing amazing. He has shed a whole heap of weight, been watching what he eats and putting in the long hours at the gym and I am immensely proud of him. But there has to be a point when the people around you kinda need you to stop. What I am talking about is the multiple daily snap chats about the gym and the food adventures that he is taking to get to his goal (or the complaining about the food that he is eating in the effort to get ripped).  On one particular foul mooded day (though it seems increasingly that this is just my normal state and happy moods are a rarity) after about the third #fitspo inspired snap chat I received, I  had enough. I have no qualms in admitting that I am a bitch... its kinda my brand, so with this in mind, I took a photo of the ground and sent back #unsubscribe. I was done, no more #fitspo sharing for me. It also stemmed the below Vlog. I got drunk, got hilarious and recorded my thoughts on the Hashtag epidemic that is sweeping the globe. Enjoy... (hopefully)

Maybe its because I am old and sometimes have difficulties reading the hash tags (thought I certainly have gotten better) or maybe its because I am an in an eternal loop of arseholeness and like to find reasons to hate the world but these ones just mildly annoy me. It doesn't stop me from using social media though, because if I turned it off, who knows what I would miss out on. And on that note I don't think any age is immune from the need to be part of the FOMO generation.

In this video, I especially like the Pizza Bit. Hawaiian with hot Salami. Yessss!!!! 

Love and Laughs 

Miss K

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