Wednesday, 13 May 2015

32 achievements for my 32nd Year

You know how facebook has that whole time hop thing? well today mine reminded me of the one goal that I set for my 31st trip around the sun,  It was a simple goal along the lines of getting real Internet and learning to download. I am typing this while connected to an Internet dongle and watching shows that were downloaded for me by one of me BBRH crew so yeah you could say it was an outstanding success. You could say that but you would probably be wrong and that's cool too. On Friday I will be 32, yep that's right 32 years young and since I did so well at my 31st Goal I thought I would kick it up a notch and make a list of 32 things that I would like to achieve in my 32nd year. 

1. Watch a sunrise over the ocean 

2. Give Blood (this means no tattoos for the next 6 months which should be easy)

3. See and touch Snow

4. Be more engaged and present in the world

5. Fire a Gun 

6. Ride a horse

7. Start some study - who knows what. Just something. Expand my mind like I expand my 

8. Go to bed earlier

9. Read 10 Classic Novels 

10. Find more beauty in the world

11. Buy and wear expensive lingerie, just for me, just because.

12. Keep in check with my beauty regime, invest in myself, I am my number one asset 

13. Pat more cats 

14. Buy a piece of art 

15. Share a bottle of expensive wine with someone special 

16. Get my nan to teach me how to knit 

17. Master a new recipe 

18. Give someone a second chance

19. Really listen to how people are

20. Pay my bills on time to get the pay early discount 

21.  Eat at an award winning restaurant 

22. Grow more plants

23. Join the library 

24. Take the time to talk to strangers, they have stories too 

25. Save $1000

26. Explore more

27. Become less bitter, just because one did it doesn't mean they all will

28. Lay down and look at the clouds / stars 

29. Earn more money

30. Make more time for my friends 

31. Ask a guy on a date (and have him say yes)

and finally

32. Love myself, just the way I am!!!

So there it is. Hopefully these bad boys are achievable, manageable and most importantly enjoyable.Who knows how many more years I have left so a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. This is exciting!!!  Bring on 32, which by the way is also my favourite GTR. Coincidence? I think not.

Love and Goal Setting

Miss K 

P.S I did the how Old are you? and it said I was 21. I will take that. Also when I was asked how  old I would be and I told the questioner that I was turning 32 She told me Congratulations, I thought that was a bit weird but we should all get congratulated on not dying once in a while. So to all of you, congratulations too.

P.P.S Here is a 32.5 if you will, if Friday manages to roll around and my figure is still intact and my boobs are still pointing skywards I am going to send them some where for people to see. It would be a shame to not celebrate this, I am Proud of the body that has got me this far and want to show it off.

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