Monday, 14 January 2013

You are a quirky little thing arent you?

Every person has quirky little nuances that are specifically them. I was thinking about this today when I went to the bathroom at work and had to change cubicles because the toilet seat was down on the cubicle that I entered, yes that's one of my quirks. If I enter a communal toilet (other than at someones home of course) and the toilet seat is down I will have to change cubicles to find one that has the lid up, I hear you ask why, and well I am not really sure. I think possible in my head I am worried about opening it and finding a body part in there (yes I know that is very unlikely but that's what plays in my head). I can laugh about these things, so hopefully you can as well

If I get one hand wet I HAVE to wet the other hand as well. Its to the point that I have had to turn around and go back to the water source to wet both hands and start again.

If I see a box or bag on the road I can not run over it, I will avoid it at all costs (even if its just a Maccas Bag) because other than having a really low car, I am always convinced that the bag was full of kittens. Again I am unsure as to where the idea of this come from but I have an inkling that it was from someone telling me that they drowned unwanted kittens in bags.

I googled Bag in the MIiddle of the Road and Legit this picture came up... maybe its not just me

When going driving I always prime the car before putting my seat belt on. Maybe I was scared of the car blowing up or catching on fire, you can escape a lot easier if you don't have a seat belt on (hey, I had a Nissan, I guess these thoughts aren't totally unfounded. I did have one engine fire after all)

While having a shower I always wash my left boob first, I pick up the soap and wash away and then go on to my arm. I cant do it out of order, it just doesn't feel right (maybe that's why my left boob is better, it gets more attention)

I always put my left shoe and sock on first and my left leg in my pants first. I am right handed as well... this one is a bit strange

On shoes, I will design my whole outfit around what sneakers I would like to wear for the day. It never works if you try and do it the other way around.

When I put on handcream I put a small dot on each of the tips of my fingers and one dot at the bottom of my palm. I guess its provides more even coverage?

Sometimes to much of one food makes me full and sick but if I eat something of the opposite genre I feel instantly better. For example if I feel sick from too much sweet stuff, I will have something savoury, I feel instantly better. Maybe this resets my bodies sick reflex (much like they use Coffee between each different scent when smelling perfume)

When I get tired my body gets itchy, like uncontrollably itchy all everywhere. Its hard to hide from people who tell you to go to bed because you are tired when you proclaim you aren't but are still itching like you have the pox (I dont have the Pox by the way)

If I am sitting typing I will cock my head to the side, it makes it easier to see the screen this way. This always provides much amusement to my work colleagues who have now taken to mocking me

I always sneeze five times consecutively. This is really annoying and also pretty dangerous when I run out of air and get light headed. This isn't Ideal. Most people that hang out with me regularly know not to say Bless you until I am done. Apparently 5 sneezes in a row isn't even a thing and I should just sneeze normally. I will be sure to keep that one in mind

On Sneezing, when I do sneeze my left leg lifts up, kinda like the start of a step. Its rather strange. I had an ex boyfriend point it out to me one day and while he maintained that he thought it was cute, I tried desperately to not do it after this day. I don't want anyone to think I am a dog and I am about to let my widdles out 

I get the Hiccups at least twice a day, without fail EVERY DAY. I think my Diaphragm must be in the wrong place (I guess its pretty lucky that I have never gotten pregnant then isn't it)

I would constantly (at least once a week) panic that I had lost my car keys WHILST I was driving my car. Apparently my car could run on hopes and dreams 

If a word has an M and N in it my brain has difficulty in computing how to say it and unless I am really concentrating the M and the N trade places just to piss me off and make me sound like a retard. Anyone for Donimos? FUCCKKKKK DOMINOS!!!!!DOMINOS DOMINOS!!!!!

I don't like to wear underwear and if I didn't have to I probably never would. If I am home and not planning to leave the house again, chances are my underwear is off. I guess its the first step towards becoming a nudist. 

Yeah, I guess I never claimed to be normal. 

Love and M&Ns

Miss K 

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