Monday, 7 January 2013

29 Things about a 29 Year Old

I have been wandering this earth for 29.5 years, so I have decided to give you something for each of these years. I don't know why, but I think I am interesting. So please enjoy my 29.5 interesting facts about Miss K 

1. I have an irrational fear of horses that stemmed from an early age. I had a horse bolt with me on the back when I was really young and I was scarred from that. When I was 19 I decided to give them bastards another go and the one I tried to pat knocked me over and hit me with its head. So to horses I say pfft to you. You can take your giant heads somewhere else. I am getting better though and this year I may even pat one... maybe 

2. I battled and beat depression but I am not so full of myself to think that it wont happen again. Its always there knocking at my door.
3. I pick my nose and really I am not ashamed to admit it. There is nothing like getting out that big annoying boogie that's just making life within your nose a living hell. Its fantastic, I will challenge anyone to argue with me on this fact 

4. I like birds. I find them to be happy creatures, the way they cock their heads to the side to look at your with their beady little eyes. How can you not smile about that?

5. I like birds so much that I have 5 bird tattoos. I have two Cranes, two swallows and a Giant Peacock called Norman that are there for the ever

6. I am a Glass is Half full kinda girl. Always. 

7. I am scared of everything all of the time, but I am also to stubborn to let it affect my life. I am a born leader and I know that people are just as scared as me so I like to take the lead to make it easier for everyone else. 

8. Even at this age I get night terrors which wake me up in fits and screams. I have had them for years and since I was young I have always thought of the same thing to make me feel better. If I was up scared I imagine the CareBear Car coming through the clouds. It calms me down, possibly because it is something familiar 

9. I cant remember the last time that I slept the whole night through. Four night terrors per night are pretty normal business in the Miss K bed. I have become a pro at functioning on no sleep 

10. I have finally found a career that I am excelling at AND enjoying. I have always been good at my job but I haven't felt like I have made a difference and now I do and gosh Darn I am pretty proud of myself for that

11. Music is my everything. I don't like silence, it sends me a bit crazy. A day without music is a day that I have failed to live or experience. Life is punctuated by the musical interludes that go along with activities that we do 

12. I have the ability to make friends easily and where ever I go. I am a firm believer that life is all about the people that you meet and that everyone that comes into your life was meant to be there, whether it be for 5 minutes or 50 years. All you need to do is give most people a lead and they will take it. Human nature is like that 

13. I live for cheesy motivational quotes and have them written on bits of paper or dockets everywhere. Its easy to loose focus on life and I like these little pieces of wisdom around me to remind me of the direction I want to go in 

14. I have taken to sharing my favourite motivations in the form of paper cranes. I learnt many years ago how to fold paper cranes, it started out as a need to keep my hands busy because I struggle to sit still but its now turned into my way of reaching out to the world and putting a smile on other peoples faces. Every day I fold a crane out a scrap of Paper that I have in my bag or find on the ground and when its folded I write a motivation on its wings and leave it for someone to find. Something that costs me nothing can bring a smile to someone who may be having a bad day. This is the shit that I live for 

Today is your time to shine - On a Ralph Lauren Romance Scent Card

15. I love my own company. I have always been a loner but being alone doesn't at all mean that I am lonely. There is something so simple about taking the time to enjoy the world without the chatter of someone else. 

16. My mind is constantly going and I am very flighty. I find it hard to sit still or stay in the same place with the same people. I have come across a handful of people in my life that make me feel still when I am with them. They give me a chance to just breath and make my world not so crazy. I am forever in debt to them for this. 

17. I always wish to be more than I am, quicker than its possible to be. I am my harshest critic. I see where I want to be and get angry that I am not there straight away. Its all about learning and giving myself time to grow, I know this, Just my head forgets sometimes 

18. As I have gotten older I have become less high strung. As a child I was a whiney little bitch who was stressed about everything but now I am older things don't bother me so much. I have also learnt to control my temper better and keep my opinions to myself when it doesn't really matter what I think 

19. I love smart Hip Hop, it helps me to think. There are two types of music in this world, Music that makes you think and music that makes you dance. I am still not sure which one is the more important kind

This guy is smart.... he makes me think

20. One of the best feelings in the world is fresh sheets and newly shaved legs. It turns me into a little kid again, I cant help but get into bed and wiggle around like a monkey to take in all of the smooth (oh and of course to untuck the sheets that I inevitably tucked in way too tight)

21. When I was a little kid my nickname amongst my family was Wally Wally and its actually much more innocent than what it sounds. My cousin couldn't say my name and Wally is kinda close to my surname. I hate when people call me Kezza, I find it to be so bogan and that's just not who I am. There is one person that can get away with it and he is one of my closest friends and probably he wouldn't get away with it if he didn't give me such good hugs and tell me that he loves me as often as he does

22. I am strongly for same sex marriage and equality. I don't believe that love has a gender and you love a person for who they are not for what is between their legs. Love is Love. Its really as simple as that.

23. When things get to much for me to handle my body goes into shut down. I curl up in a ball (most of the time literally), refuse to talk or answer my phone. My body just needs time to process things I guess.

24. As independent as I am I like having someone to look after. Maybe its the caring maternal instinct that I thought I was missing or an inbuilt prehistoric women desire to want to take care of a man. Who knows what it is but its one more thing to add to my list of "Wife Material because..."

25. I was highly religious in my mid/late teens but left the church due to their hypocrisy in relation to the people that I was allowed to hang out with. Leaving doesn't make me believe in a higher being any less though, it just makes me realise that I am content in the fact that I am a good person and I try to do right by people. The rest will just sort itself out 

26. I take pleasure in the simple things in life. The breeze blowing my hair, bubbles, a rainbow or an amazing sunset. The minute that we stop seeing the small miracles our soul starts to die 

27. I have 40 odd pairs of sneakers in bright and wacky colours, the brighter my shoes the more I feel like myself. If people were to take a tour of my head it would be nothing but colours and candy and that's exactly the way that I want it to be 

28. I live every day holding out for those moments that take my breath away. A smile or a touch and a slowing of my mind. Its in these moments that we find true love. I have had it before and I know that I will have it again. Life is just a want for love 

29. I am immensely proud of what I write and the style that I do it in, my life is an open book and I am pretty sure that the shit that happens to me happens to everyone, maybe they are just to shy to talk about it. I am not here to try and be anything but what I am . Life is much simpler when you take away the veils. 

29.5. My next move is... (that's only a half, I guess you have to wait until I clock over 30 to find whats next... maybe)

Love and Facts 

Miss K 

This about fear, love and togetherness

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