Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bedroom Basics

I remember clearly as a little kid having sleep overs at my cousins house, there were 4 of us and two beds, so as you can imagine we all had to share and top to tail. I also remember very clearly that there was always a fight over who had to sleep with me. Well hah!! to them because now I am an adult EVERYONE wants to sleep with me, but really I don't want to sleep with everyone, or in fact possibly anyone. Sharing a bed (even a big bed) comes with its set of problems, and in the last few weeks I have been reminded of these perils while I have been in Perth and sharing a bed with the boyfriend. It could possibly be just me, but here's what gets me about sharing... 

Snoring and a bit more snoring - when starting to go out with this boy I asked if he snored and he ASSURED me that in fact he didn't and I had nothing to worry about, well turns out he lied. He does snore, and he snores A LOT!!!! I am a light sleeper so this is a slight issue and I am sure he is sick of hearing "Roll over and stop snoring". I used to go out with this guy who once when I asked him to roll over because he was snoring he goes "yep" and just rolled his head to the side, nice try on that one

Blankets -  overrated? - Some people seem to agree with this statement, what is it with sharing a bed but not being able to share the blankets. I guess tug of war was a fun game when we were younger but my dad always told my to share my toys

Yeah I love living on the edge - there is a whole bed and generally it is a pretty big bed. If this is the case why do men feel that they need to lay in that exact spot that you are trying to lay? they say some shit about trying to cuddle or something, what is that even? I move away to have space and they just seem to follow me pushing me further and further towards the edge until I cant move at all... which leads me into my next point

Cuddling Time Limits - I know this one may cause some controversy because it may make me look like a bitch BUT for me there is a defined time limit on cuddling when it comes time to go to sleep. I think about 5 - 10 minutes suffices.  I understand that cuddling is important for bonding and warmth and the like but I like to stretch out when I am sleeping and this is near on impossible when someone its trying to hold you. It just makes me angry and uncomfortable and more likely to kick you in the balls. But there is a clause to this point, if I want to cuddle you then that's ok. I guess I am like a cat, I will give you attention when I want it but all other times keep away from me

The Creepy Snail up my back in the middle of the night - Look we all know that its not actually a snail but that's what it feels like to me. Having the boy roll over and try to spoon you while his little him goes for a wander up my back.... its what I would imagine a snail crawling over me would feel like, all cold and slimey. To combat this, underwear shall always be worn during sleep times 

Morning Breath - we all have it, so that's why I always brush my teeth on my first trip to the toilet in the morning. Its all about a bit of courtesy for your partner. I hate people breathing near me anyway (I like fresh cool air not half warm used air) but its more tolerable if that breath comes with a minty fresh tinge. 

I guess sleeping in the same bed with someone isn't all that bad and if that's all I have to contend with then really I have little to worry about. Sharing a bed is good because it means you have someone else to get up and turn out the light, someone to warm your side of the bed in the absence of an electric blanket and someone to cuddle when you want it. I guess as with everything in life you need to take the good with the bad, after all it is about the biggest picture isn't it?

Love and a 1000 Counts

Miss K 

P.S another bedroom thing that gets me, but not specifically in relation to sharing a bed with someone is the quality of the linen. I am a 1000 count or bust kind of girl and to anyone that says you cant feel the difference I call bullshit. My old house mate had the worst linen, all his sheets were thread bare and his pillow cases had rips in them, If he was to bring me home I would have turned around and walked straight back out. We are adults now, make an investment for your life. I have had my 1000 counts for 6 years, they have gone through countless tattoo staining, hundreds and hundreds of washes, a bit of mischief and a whole heap of sleeping and they are still as good as the day that I got them. They may be a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for. Trust me you will thank me for the suggestion


  1. Thankyou for leaving me your 1000 counts. - Hippy ex-housemate.

    1. I'm glad I could help you on your march towards adulthood