Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So its not all so Easy....

I've been here Five Weeks 
I have no where to go when the going gets tough
I eat a Donut a Day
I have made Three Friends - my goal had been three in the first week 
My Heart got Broken and I am putting it back together 
There is a spot on Flinders Street that is warm and smells like fresh laundry
I saw a girl annoying her dad at the shop and it made me realise I miss my dad, a lot
My True friends have been revealed and it was a shock
After 29 years I am finally close to my sister who is on the other side of the Country 
I'm constantly worried about money and my Job 
People on the tram mostly smell terrible, I miss my car
I felt Depression creeping up on me
This is Tough

Everyone is asking how I am going, so there is the short version. I have so much respect for anyone that has done the big move alone and handled it seemingly better than I have. I will find my feet though, because I cant fail. Its not all sunshine and light, but the moments of sunshine are worth it all 

Love and Contemplation 

Miss K 


  1. Fortune favors the brave my friend.
    The hardest part is behind you, all get's easier from here! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I admire you for managing to make 3 friends. Ive made nun, i am in the country tho and dont get out much so maybe my own fault. Im finding it pretty damn tuff too, hopefully its just gonna be the 4th an 5th months that are this hard.