Wednesday, 29 April 2015

More Cushion for the Pushing?

I was tagged in one of those on line articles the other day about reasons why large men are the best lovers, from this tag it would appear that everyone knows that I am some what of a chubby chaser (of the tall kind). I like my men, tall, solid and with a bit of a belly and I am not at all ashamed, because you know what they say, there is more to love and I have a lot of love to give. So here are my reasons as to why I like me a man with a bit of meat. 

1. They Like to Eat -  you don't get to be a man mountain without liking your food and it just so happens that I might be a feeder. My last boyfriend put on 5kg within 3 months, apparently it was happy fat but I am taking it as a compliment to my cooking.

2. Their belly can fit perfectly into the curve of your back - we can be like human tessellations or a jig saw that's all about the jig. Spooning is awesome when its all skin on skin on skin. 

3. It will never matter if you forget your PJ's, his shirts will be big enough to wear as a dress and your modesty can stay in check. Are you cold? His Hoodies will keep you more snug than anything you own. Guaranteed. 

4. Being the big spoon with them is comfortable - no jutting hip bones or ribs to deal with. Also you arm is generally in a comfortable position because it doesn't have to fold in on itself to get a good grip on them. 

5, They are a good pillow - as for the same reason above, everything about being snuggled up with them is a delight. Just soft and warm and home, your neck wont even get sore when you use his arm for a rest while he is being the big spoon.His arm will still probably fall asleep but meh that's his deal. 

6. Their Cuddles - Wow. When they cuddle, they cuddle. You get drawn in to them and are enveloped in everything that they are.

7. If you were stuck on a deserted island they would survive a long time - they have the fat to spare for a few days of hunger. Or alternatively they would get killed first because they have the most meat. I guess this one could go either way 

8.  You will always feel little - I am not the smallest girl in the world but these guys make me feel like a tiny fragile flower that they can hold in their hands and that is an amazing feeling

9. They fill out clothes - and that's sexy. When they are dressed well, boy are they dressed well. Mmmm that chest and those shoulders in a suit. Break me off a piece of that. 

10. Did I mention the cuddles? - I don't even like cuddling but I make an exception for these guys. 

11. They are a man mountain - and trust me ladies, that's one mountain that you want to climb. They will leave you breathless like the peak of Everest

12. The have substance - you wont feel like you are fucking a dildo strapped to a bit of cardboard because we all know that's what fucking a skinny guy feels like. No thanks.  

13. No one will mess with you - you have your own security guard on your arm. That's the best kind of arm candy that you could ever have 

14. High Heels - fuck yeah. Wear them with pride my sisters and still feel tiny next to your man. Or without them stand all up on your tippy toes to have a bit of a smoochy smooch. 

15. They have Squishy Insides - Maybe its just the ones that I have met but these big guys are actually just giant teddy bears and that's actually really nice. Not that they would tell anyone but we all know that its in there. 

That there is 15 reasons why you might what to consider that big guy as a suitable partner. Sure 6 packs are great but have you tried some cake?

Love and Substance 

Miss K 

P.S Here is the original post in case you were wondering. Though I am a bit biased but I do believe that my list is better  

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