Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Birds and The Bees - For Men

I have seen a lot of doodle in the past, no surprise there I hear you say, and do you know the best sex I have ever had? it wasn't with the one with the biggest most beautiful penis (Yes Penis can be beautiful, I can send you a photo if you like and Yes ladies he is single) but the best sex came from an average, heavily fore skinned selfish lover, for the simple fact that I loved him. He never made me orgasm and the one time he went down on me I had to stop him to ask what he was doing (thinking outside the box is not the correct answer in this situation, Just FYI). For women it is about the connection that is attached to it (Yes even women like me that are devoid of feelings). From all my dealings with men I have realised that sex is something different to each of the sexes, So fellas here is the stuff that maybe your mum didn't tell 

- We do not need to orgasm for it to be fun. The act of sex feels good, having the weight of a man on top of you and smelling his rough manliness is a good time. Kissing is fun, laughing is fun. All of those things that make up a good bought of intercourse are fun and by making it all about Orgasm you are taking the fun away.

- It is not a competition, you are not in a race with the last guy I was intimate with. Do not compare your penis to his or the fact that he made me orgasm every time because you are fighting against a ghost (Granted that your comparison is probably my fault for showing you his picture and telling you that he did)

- It might come as a shock but despite what you think and what we say, we are generally fucking you for your personality

-  Realistically I can guarantee that I am going to be better at giving me an orgasm than you are so if you cant do it, who cares.

- We don't care about your cock, generally they do much of the same thing and yes we would have seen bigger and we probably have seen smaller as well. Its not the size its how you use it (or what you do to make up for what you lack in size)

- Sex is a game, keep it fun. The more you stress about not coming or about us coming the less fun everyone is going to have.

- Just like you don't see our flaws we don't see yours, so act with confidence because that is sexy.

- Don't make it all about us, that intense look you get in your eye when you are hell bent on trying to make us orgasm is creepy and counter productive. We are not a puzzle to solve.

- If we have had sex with you, we are pretty much  acquainted with your body so why are you trying to cover it up? If you are in the shower who cares if I see you, why put clothes back on as soon as the act is finished? Jesus I have probably had your doodle in my mouth.... seeing it isn't  going to suddenly make me run away. Own who you are and if you want to do a wind mill with it to make us laugh, so be it. I will say it again. SEX IS FUN!!!!!!

- Don't lose weight or try to get fit in the effort to attract a mate, do it because you want to build your confidence and health. Everything else is just a bonus. And the way that I think about it is if someone has only gone home with me for my body then I have gone home with the wrong person

- Not all girls want a bronzed Greek god in their bed. Me personally I like chubby guys because there is more cushion for the pushing or something like that. Softness is nice.

- Women don't care about a marathon man. Generally speaking if you last for too long we are going to do our best to hurry you up (trust me, all girls have their tricks to make you finish). In my experience men are worried about lasting for ages, guys here is a tip from me, quickies are great,

- Just because we do something for you, doesn't mean that we expect something in return. Just like you enjoy pleasuring us, we enjoy pleasuring you as well. That quick gobbie I give you while the  Pizza cools down or we are waiting to meet your friends for dinner, that is my gift to you. I like to see you squirm and I want to be on your mind. Just let me have that. Its OK to be selfish.

I am no way considering myself to be the sexual oracle but I am speaking from what I have experienced and the guys that I have encounted. Maybe now I am getting older I look at things differently and put more weight in feelings than I do in "feeling". I say no more often than I used to so by following these simple tips, guys can guarantee that my next encounter is going to tick the boxes. Obviously this isn't all about me and you can take my advise and use it for your ladies as well, or everything I have said could have no relevance but at least it might give you something to think about, If in doubt, talk it out. Pay attention to her body language and her reactions and don't make it an Ego thing. There are many different ways to make a taco, it doesn't matter how you put it together, its going to taste delicious in the end. 

Love and Ladies 

Miss K  

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