Sunday, 16 February 2014

Technology Fails V2

After my post the other day pointing the finger at the failings of a young man and his use of technology its probably only fair to let you be privy to some of the times that technology has let me down. Yes you read that right, Technology let me down, not me letting myself down. I thought the aim of technology was to make our lives easier but sometimes it just makes thing a bit tricky and makes for those awkward moments of what the fuck from the receiver of your indiscretion. Lets never mention these again and hope that you learn from my mistakes, the top winners from each category are *drummmmm rollllllllll*


I had a boss once, she was a nice lady and I some what respected her but she was high maintenance, there is no two ways about it. We entered into a discussion one day about getting married and what we would like/expect from our partners. Her expectations were on the high side and she had a big list of demands "or else", I suppose this is all well and good as your partner should know that you are a bit of a princess to start with. Myself and my work mate were having a private little laugh about the demands on our Princess Boss and I went to email her something along those lines. Its a funny thing when you are thinking about someone and you automatically type in their name, so instead of typing in my colleagues name I typed in my bosses and sent her an email telling her that she was a demanding princess.... yeah whoops. I didn't work there for much longer after that but the two things probably aren't related. 

Snap Chatting

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and he was encouraging me to masturbate and when I told him that I had given up his response was "Perth Kerry would have done it, you're turning into Hipster Kerry and i don't like it". I decided that I would "fap" as he so eloquently put it and show him the spoils of war if you will. Turns out I have a few of the same named person sitting quietly on my Snap Chat.... and boy did that person get a surprise. Really there is no way of talking yourself out of sending someone a picture of your "equipment" and you've just got to ride that one out and hope that in time it will be forgotten or that you never have to see them again. Awkward, now this person knows I am not pure and probably sometimes fap (I am cutting down though. I promise)

Text Messaging

I was once "seeing" (and by seeing I mean just having meaningless sex) a very strapping young lad with the physique of a Greek God and on requesting some photos to help me on my way (if you catch my drift) he was more than obliging to my wishes and sent me through an exceptionally delicious picture. Of course being the giver that I am I decided to share it with my best friend so she could see the trophy that I bagged for myself. The message was something along the lines of "Look at him, oh the things I am going do to him" but probably a whole heap more explicit than that. As you can guess instead of sending it to her I accidentally sent it to him. He didn't skip a beat and messaged me back saying "ahh was that meant for me?" after many a fuck escaping from my mouth I was quick on my feet and told him that it was and I was just giving him forewarning as to what fate would assail him on our next meeting. It obviously worked, we totally hooked up again.... bullet dodged? 

I feel that it would be beneficial if all methods of technology had that recall button that Outlook has, it would probably save us all a bit of embarrassment. Actually I should probably say that it would save me a bit of embarrassment as I appear to do retarded things more than the average bear. So my advice is check, then check again and possibly check again for third time lucky as it will probably save you having to think on your feet and make up some lies. Or failing that invest in those memory erasers like they have in Men in Black, one of those things would make my life a whole heap easier.  

Love and Whoopsies

Miss K  

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