Thursday, 14 June 2012

She touched my Vagina... and it was inspirational and other moving stories

Yes, its time for another post about my Vagina, but this one I promise you wont be as graphic as the last couple. So lets get into it, monthly routine waxing day had come around and I was daunted at the thought of finding a new waxer (after the last two disasters I thought it best to take my intimates to someone else to abuse) so with a deep breath walked into a beauticians close to my house, after the normal rigmarol of taking off my pants and spreading my legs we got talking, and it turned out the lady that I was paying to touch my vagina was probably one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met in a long time. 

I would like to introduce you to Holly the 21 year old beautician from Sydney.  As clearly you can see from this blog I like talking about myself so I mentioned that I was leaving the fine state of WA to take up residence in Melbourne and when I said this she smiled at me brightly and told me congratulations. She then began to tell me her story. One year ago she was restless in what she was doing and decided that it was time for a change, a week later she was at the airport with her backpack and was on her way to Cairns with nothing but the clothes she had in her bag. 

What has followed for her is 8 different locations, a variety of jobs and some amazing stories. From working on a Dive Boat in Cairns, taking Horse Safaris in Arle Beach and rocking up to Perth with $200 and no where to live or a job. Talking to her blew me away, she is doing at 21 years old what I am struggling to do at 29 (and I have a hell of a lot more preparation and money behind me not to mention somewhere to actually live when I get there) and she is doing it all on her own. It kinda gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to stop being fearful and instead embrace it and jump head long into it. Talking to Holly came at a time when I really needed reassurance, and she probably has no idea how much she helped me.

There is an art to supreme procrastination. Over the years I have seemingly mastered this act. Why do it now if you can put it off until later? I think that should be my new moto because "make hay while the sun shines" sounds all a bit much like hard work (plus on a related side note hay is what horses eat and we all know my thoughts on horses) I have know I have been moving since March (and if you do the maths that is four months) which you would think would have given me lots of time to get organised, well you would be thinking wrong. All my earthly possessions get picked up on Friday and as at last Monday I had only just decided that it might be a good idea to get something into the boxes that I have already paid to be shipped (oh don't worry there was a lot of badgering coming from the various people closest to me)

First box sealed, and this one was only shoes.... 
yep there is 34 pairs of sneakers in that box

For me there was a feeling of something sad and final about packing all your possessions up, making the hard decisions on what things you cant survive without and whittling your life down to the contents of 4 boxes. I will admit though its been refreshing to cull all the dead wood and be left with a white bright wall. Everything I own can be packed into 4 boxes and I can flee the country at the drop of a hat, its a pretty liberating feeling. This whole experience has taught me that material possessions actually really mean nothing in the grand scheme of life.

I have now finished my packing and taped up all the boxes for their collection tomorrow, I am currently sitting in the middle of the tower that is my life and contemplating the next few weeks for me. I thought that moving would be easy, I would just get on the plane and it would be done, I guess I didn't really take into account the human factor. I have been blessed with a very large close circle of friends and saying goodbye to them has been harder than what I thought it would be. There has been lots of tears already and I am sure there will be a few more before the week is out, I guess I just have to keep reminding myself its not actually goodbye and more until next time, cause long live living, while living can be done.

I have made a pact with myself that I will atleast stay in Melbourne until Christmas time, it gives me six months to get my bearings and make an informed decision on whether or not I like it and want to stay. I have removed one of the main temptations that would bring me back to Perth and that was my car. The car has always tugged really strong heart strings for me but after the accident it made it easier for me to part with it. It has gone to a very good home so I will still be updated on her progress but not having her as my own will make me less likely to pine for her. Plus its not really fair on her for her to sit in storage for three months at a time and only get driven on the odd occasion. I possibly think my dad might be sadder about the car going than me (or should I say the memory that he has of the car back in the day when I hadnt fucked it and it was still as Mr Nissan made it) as he said that now he has nothing to put into his shed as he was looking at getting a hoist (yeah nice timing, Ive only had the car for 7 years and a hoist would have come in exceptionally handy hahaha)

I gave him this photo as a parting gift

There is a boy but then there is always a boy isnt there, and when I met this boy it was of many peoples opinion that I shouldn't go because what if he was the "one" but I am a firm believer in that if its meant to be it will, so what will happen with the boy now, who knows. The boy is also adamant that I go, because he doesn't want me to have a reason to resent him... wise boy this one is. I think I was fine to leave until I met him and he made it all that harder, but we both knew that I was leaving when we met so I guess we have no one to blame for this but ourselves. If there was an award for bad timing, I would take out the noble prize for it I am sure

So I would like to send out a giant hug to Perth, and say thanks for having me and being such an amazing place for me to grow up in. I will miss my friends and my family but also this wonderful city, if you don't see it in all its beauty I would recommend that you get out there and actually look at it in all its glory. Who knows I may be back sooner than we know 

So remember its not goodbye, its until next time 

Love and Leaving 

Miss K 

P.S If you were wondering the wax actually went really well, my vagina is still there and the hair is gone. Hooorraaahhhhhh

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